Mater Natura FlowersMy primary objective is to assist clients with garden design and be a constant for them during the transition period of installation, where multiple questions and details may arise. Another purpose is to guide the design process and assist in the selection and placement of trees, shrubs, flowers and hardscapes to allow the homeowner maximum enjoyment of their property.

With a degree from the University of Alabama, Hilary Ross worked for several years in a law firm in the Birmingham area. After becoming a mother, she was lucky enough to take a break from the "rat race" and devote her time to her children's development. She also spent her free time as a volunteer in many charitable and non-profit organizations, one of which was a docent at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. Spending hours in the gardens piqued her interest in nature. After taking landscape design classes, what began as a hobby in her free time, evolved into a new business for Hilary.  She is certified by the state of Alabama in Landscape Design and Horticulture and works from her home in Mountain Brook, Alabama.

In choosing a name for her business, Hilary considered the two most important facets of her life - being a mother to her three children and her love and appreciation for nature. What better words to present those thoughts than "Mother Nature?" As a clever twist to the business name, Hilary decided to use the Latin words for Mother Nature - Mater Natura - as an homage to the botanical names, which all use the Latin language.